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Thursday, 16 June 2011

How I find things out

I've been asked to write about how I find things out and how I store the information. So where do I find out most of the things I know? Well, the usual if I'm honest... Facebook, BBC, TV, socialising with friends, school (a bit). Listen, I'm sure you do the same, I remember the things I want to. I don't want to sound overly big-headed but I'm doing pretty well at school. But if you ask me what the 3rd person plural pluperfect of moneo is, chances are I will not know. Ask me which clubs are looking for Samir Nasri, or who came 8th in the Premier League last season, I'll know every time.

Now on to where I store my information. In my head. I've hardly ever taken notes in my life. My parents constantly beg me to take notes for my exams, trying to convince me that by writing it down I will remember better. It just doesn't work with me. I just read and absorb, which (coincidentally) seems to be the way that requires less work. This is why I remember the things I need, my brain selects the ones that interest me the most. In fact, I might try linking Latin into my life somehow, in an attempt to actually remember how moneo declines, instead of which greedy clubs are stealing players from my favourite team.

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